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In the year 04.04.14, the branch of Chhapaak A Social Art Organisation introduced named "Art Shala" for Passionate and intensely inspired artist. The idea is to serve the dedicated people who has the compassion to learn the art around the world. "Guru-Shishya" tradition denotes a succession of teacher and discipline in an Indian culture which is followed by Art Shala. The desire behind its introduction is to get mastery and expertise of the field an individual is interested in and also to get a practical knowledge. It is directed to work as a coaching but in a flexible routine.

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In the year 2008, Pramod Sahu founded and Directed "Chhapaak" with the motive to educate and provide training to aspiring, dedicated artists.

Art Samudaay

Chhapaak Art Samudaay was formed in 2017 with the team of 10 . Now its the collaborative group of various artist formed to promote each kind of art.

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2 Branches in Raipur

Tatya Para-Fine Art, Design : Regular- Monday to Friday - Morning : 10:00-12:00 | Evening : 04:00-08:00

Shankar Nagar-Rangoli, Fine Art, Design : Regular- Monday to Friday - Evening : 04:00-08:00 | Evening : 04:00-08:00

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